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Sophrology is a mind and body therapy that aspires to harmoniously develop one’s full potential.  To achieve this, Sophrology integrates breathing, physical relaxation, and visualisation techniques into one holistic method.


When practiced regularly, Sophrology leads to a healthy, relaxed body, and a calm and alert mind.  It can assist each person to rediscover their self-confidence and hidden potential.


In short, Sophrology allows you to feel better in your own company, as well as in the company of others.


Sophrology is a structured method for well-being that was created during the 1960s by the Colombian doctor and neuropsychiatrist Alfonso Caycedo. The combination of movements, postures, and visualisations used in Sophrology are adaptations of techniques found in yoga, Qi Gong, and meditation.


Sophrology was introduced to France in the 1980’s; it was further developed by a group of practitioners including Dr. Raymond Abrezol and Dr. Jean Pierre Hubert.

The French approach to Sophrology includes the method’s classical elements, but is enriched by European philosophical and psychoanalytical influences.

French Sophrology aspires to help the individual become conscious of his psychological capacities, and mobilise them, in order to improve his/her physical and mental well-being.


Regular practice in Sophrology can help :

  • Deal with stress and strong emotions


  • Improve performance in sport


  • Accompany a personal or professional change


  • Overcome phobia


  • Break out of habitual behavioural patterns


  • Prepare for pregnancy and maternity


  • Complement psychotherapy


Sophrology can also help to develop :

  • self-confidence, and self-esteem


  • improved concentration, memory and improved sleep


Sophrology is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. 

If you have a serious health imbalance you should seek advice from a medical Doctor or other appropriate professional.

Sophrology is used as part of and in complement with a complete health care program.

Sophrology does not use any tissue manipulation or massage.

Who I am

During ten years working in the television production industry, I developed a strong capacity to manage projects and teams in challenging and stressful environments.

At the same time I also started practicing Yoga and various meditation techniques that led me naturally to Sophrology.


Since then, I have followed a two year course at the EDHES under the direction Dr. Jean Pierre Hubert, psychoanalyst, bio-energy practitioner, and lecturer at the University of Medical Science, Paris XIII.


Today, I conduct individual Sophrology sessions in any of the following languages:  English, Spanish and French.  Additionally, I offer group sessions where I work on themes such as stress management and public speaking.


I am a member of the Syndicat des Sophrologues Professionnels, a professional organisation of Sophrologists in France.

Academic background

Master’s Degree in Social Sciences, Sorbonne Nouvelle University, Paris (Film Studies, with distinctions)

European Professional Certificate in Sophrology, EDHES Ecole des Hautes Etudes de Sophrologie et de Bio-Analyse



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